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You won’t believe this: 11 Crazy Things We Do While We Drive

Perspectives from truckers, who can look down into our cars – and are probably more considerate than we ever knew! Continue reading

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Ready for another La Nina winter?

In general, pack your car for winter driving as if you expect to be spending two or three days in a stalled car somewhere in the snow. If you’re at all like me, you’ll throw in an extra change of clothes, a toothbrush and toothpaste, too! Continue reading

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To drive or to fly?

It would take me about 4-1/2 hours to fly to Spokane next week and then pick up a rental car; but I can drive the route in about 5-1/2 hours. But it’s not just a time consideration; it’s also hard cash. Continue reading

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Happy 4th of July! – and be careful out there.

Tomorrow begins the 4th of July holiday, and here in the Northwest, it’s blazing hot.  I’m sure the beer parties have already started; and I’m sure that there are any number of people who will be pulled over for DUIs … Continue reading

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April 24, 2009 – almost tourist time

Spring hasn’t gained quite the foothold I’d like to see yet, but you can tell it’s just about here.  The flowers are in bloom, the Rhodie Festival is taking place soon on the Oregon Coast, and the everyone is gearing … Continue reading

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