About Pit Stop U.S.A.

Pit Stop U.S.A. is a small quick-lube company with one shop in Eugene, Oregon, and another just across the river and across I-5 in Springfield.  Operating in Lane County since the 1970s, Pit Stop was among the first quick lubes in the nation and continues to serve its customers with expertise, convenience, courtesy and efficiency.  Employees not only don’t up-sell their customers; they are actively prohibited from doing so.

Pit Stop has a long history of community involvement and charity.  You can find a partial list of these efforts on its web site at http://www.pitstopquicklube.com

The author of this blog is Pit Stop’s long-time publicist, Kathy Hubbell, who works closely with owners Mark Norton and Terry Scott as well as other Pit Stop employees to bring you refreshing, new and accurate information about all kinds of things.  If you have any comments or suggestions, we’d love to hear them; and your message will get through.

Thanks for visiting us, and come back again!



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