Oh….. that awful car maintenance. And in a recession.

I really hate car maintenance.  Sometimes I don’t even admit to the guys at Pit Stop how much I hate it.  But jeez, it seems there is so much to keep track of and to know about.  Long years ago, I made a decision that there were two major things in my life I would always hire out: one was car maintenance, and the other was computer programming (including web site design).

The thing is, just the way my car is beginning to look after 4 years of ownership is bad enough.  A ding here and there, a scratch here and there, so that now the question is “How long will it be before I have to spring for body repair and a whole new paint job?”  The inside is a bit worse for the wear, since I take so many long-distance driving trips and since on many of those trips, my dog comes along.  Actually, Bear (well, that’s what he looked like when he was a puppy  – like a bear cub) isn’t really the problem.  The problem is more in the driver’s seat, with all grit I seem to drag into the car.  It’s the fact that I eat meals all the time in the car.  It’s the fact that I almost never get the time – or perhaps take the time – to do some of the detailing on the interior of my car myself, and at least for now, I have no intentions of having someone else do it. 

I really hate car maintenance.  I don’t understand anything under the hood, and never have.  I know simple, stupid stuff – like how to change a tire, how to check the oil level, how to refill the washer fluid. Well, I do know not to open the radiator on a hot afternoon.  Otherwise – sheesh.  I always need to take my car to people I trust.  Since I moved to my new home last summer, I have to find a whole different place now to buy tires, and that’s coming up fairly soon.  I have no idea who a good mechanic would be around here should I need one. 

I can avoid some huge repair bills and some inevitable deterioration if I get the little stuff done every three or four months, though. That’s about the only thing I’m doing right these days; last time I got my oil changed, I got the differntial and power sterring fluids changed, too.   They even re-inflated my tires, which were low.  I could tell the car felt better; it definitely drove a bit differently, a little easier.  So all those voices inside my head are quieter.  Until something big happens; but even then, the guys will warn me.  The check things and they’ll warn me.

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2 Responses to Oh….. that awful car maintenance. And in a recession.

  1. Carz says:

    I think in such a case, the most practical thing to avoid car maintenance is to just opt to go commuting and ride your way to work. Or just bike it around.

  2. Ah… it’s those who are young with no physical disabilities who opt for riding bikes, normally. Be grateful, if that’s the case! Be grateful if you are one who doesn’t mind biking in the winter on icy, snowy roads. I’m not sure what your “just opt to go commuting” phrase means. Some people can take public transit, depending upon where they live; some people can sign up for car-sharing when they need it via the Zip Car system, which is terrific. But by and large, it’s not practical to do without a car in this day and age – and particularly not in the West.

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